Finest of 2016: Website Design

JK Rowling

The beloved Harry Potter writer’s site was due for an overhaul, and this sprucing up was the ticket. The habit background encompasses the value Rowling provides through community participation her writing, and social media presence. It’s a wonderful example of a site design that aligns with the brand it represents’ unique value proposition.

Hemp Meds

We wrote before this year about the exploding branding scene within legal cannabis intake, and this new look for Hemp Meds exemplifies precisely what many lawful cannabis manufacturers are planning for: legitimacy. The featuring of a household and the framing of this product’s value for a solution instead of a kind of entertainment were deliberate choices, and provide the website the appearance and feel of a pharmaceutical or health care company. This is a example of a new understanding the requirement of placement in a area where expansion is much more akin to a game of chess.

Ok, we’ll be the first to acknowledge that the ask here — $109 million for a custom built, fully operational rocket — is much more than a bit fanciful. However, this ULA site’s design makes the deal look accessible to the smallest people plebeians. The installation makes it look like you have the ability to put an order for your very own rocket ship, and the encounter engrossing is made by the futuristic aesthetic. We may not be in a position to click “purchase” anytime soon, but when we had that money lying about, this site design would more than lure us.


When your business grows, it is important your image grows, and this site redesign from avidxchange is precisely the way you do that. The Charlotte-based supplier of accounts and payment automation solutions had obtained three distinct businesses over the past several decades, and it was time to merge the brands. This site redesign not only by developing a picture that is sharp for its unification accomplished the purpose, but it did while paying homage to the process that attracted the organization to this place together with intersecting angles representing the makeup of the ultimate value of the company.

iFly 50

Ok, the screenshot does not do this design work justice. Proceed to the Site. Just do it. Now. IFly is your magazine for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. To celebrate the anniversary of this publication, KLM launched a gorgeous site highlighting 50 excellent travel destinations, expertly weaving artistic style, interactive features, and also gorgeous video. Be it this one if you check out just one site with this listing. You won’t be disappointed.

Realistically, we could write thousands of words concerning the ever-evolving world of internet design. 2016 might happen to be a trash year in several respects, however, it was stellar in this aspect, and we can not wait to find out what designers bring to the table in 2017.