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Google launched its Website Builder to help modest businesses easily and easily create sites. Because there are this is a terrific initiative.

Google’s Marissa Nordahl produced the statement it at a Google My Business Assist thread on Tuesday. This is what she said:

One of the most typical activities people take when researching a Google listing is to visit the website, but we understand that getting a website may still be a struggle for a lot of small business owners throughout the world: too complex, too costly, too time consuming. Millions of small businesses (60% of small businesses globally) don’t yet have a website.

Website is a free tool which allows business owners to make a simple site. It’s easy, and you can make and edit your website from your personal computer or your phone!


The tool is free to use, but to get a personalized domain (for instance, a . com, . biz or . Net), you will need to purchase a domain name through Google domains, or else you will be stuck with a nasty URL such as — which, presumably, would be less memorable to users and lack the ranking potential of a . Com website.


Some features of this Website Builder include the following:

  • It’s free to use.
  • You get a personalized domain name (at an additional price).
  • It’s mobile-friendly.
  • It automatically updates.
  • It’s possible to handle it on your cell phone.
  • You can easily place ads on the website.

Note which you will need to get a set on Google My Business to use the website builder. A quick check within Google reveals about 113,000 outcomes, which include both US and international small business owners. Business types include summer camps, travel & tourism, computer training and software, real estate, pest management and many others.

Google My Business Website Builder Usage

Evaluation drive

I opted to have a stab at producing my own website for a mock small business profile that I made and confirmed. The procedure took me just to get up and functioning. Here is what the website looks like:

Tony's SEO Shop Website

Below are a few screen shots of this procedure for generating and editing the website.

First, I included my organization profile and confirmed it.

I was motivated to make a complimentary website once I finished producing my company profile.

Once I picked a URL for my website, I had been given the choicename.

Inside the web site builder, you have motif choices. It is possible to select the color scheme and font which most matches your company branding.

You have the option to edit website elements such as Body, Description and Headline articles.

Now you have the ability purchase a customized domain to change your website address name or unpublish your website.

My First impressions

How can the Website Builder hold up, especially regarding SEO practices? Here are my ideas.

  • Easy to make a website.
  • Could be highlighted as your website on your Google My Business Profile.
  • Easy to add custom cover photograph, pictures, etc..
  • Contains Google Map embed and highlights contact and business hours information.
  • Can easily be handled on your Google My Business Profile.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • One-page website, no option to create additional pages.
  • No capability to add custom page titles and meta tag descriptions (or any type of metaname, for that matter).
  • No Analytics integration.
  • Lacks social sharing buttons.
  • Lacks the ability to add structured information markup. Local Business Schema being the most relevant for small businesses.
  • Cannot add alt text to pictures.
  • Cannot add additional call-to-action buttons.

Because you may see, there are quite a few negatives from an search engine optimization perspective. Hopefully, Google will continue to upgrade and expand this instrument to provide functionality to businesses.

Need to small business owners use the Google My Business website builder?

As usual, the answer is, “It depends.” If you absolutely don’t have enough opportunity four- to – five-page website on a robust platform such as a Squarespace or Yola, you then ought to leverage this instrument. In a minimum, I would suggest purchasing a customized domain rather than using the default URL.

In my opinion, there are lots of free alternatives which provide more personalization and therefore are more SEO-friendly — even Google’s free blogging system,, is more SEO-friendly. But if you are not at a marketplace that is competitive, and you need a one-page website which it is possible to manage from within your Google My Business dash, this website builder could be for you.

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