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Four Approaches to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization [Infographic]
Personalization is a priority for many marketers. This infographic shares statistics and 4 actions to generate content experiences that resonate with your audience and supply information.   MarketingProfs

Google Releases A Website Builder for Small Firms
A new tool called “Website”, is a single-page site builder that’s free and enables small business owners to create and edit sites in minutes, either on mobile or desktop. This feature is an extension of Google My Business, which means that you have to have a GMB list to utilize the tool. Search Engine Journal

The Most Hated Online Advertising Techniques
That is an updated analysis conducted to understand today, how consumers respond to advertisements that are internet. Participants rated how much they enjoyed or disliked them and were shown different types of advertising. The results reveal the most (and least) “loathed” online advertising for both desktop and mobile programs, and a few of the attributes remained exactly the same as the early 2000’s. Nielsen Norman Group

Data-Inspired Guides into B2B Sales & Marketing Lead Generation
Targeting the leads that are best at the perfect time is one of the greatest challenges for B2B marketers, and that report reveals that you insights on generations quality data can maximize demand creation programs and ways to shorten the sales cycle. Dun & Bradstreet

Bing Advertising: Pick From Displaying Ads on Desktop
Desktop displayed ads by placing their bids into -100 percent can be completely opted out of by advertisers. This is a feature that’s aimed to support campaigns and enables advertisers to establish negative bids for desktops. It will be available to all advertisers in the Upcoming few weeks, and can be encouraged Bing Advertising Editor for Mac and Windows by Bing Advertisements Internet Interface and Bing Advertising API. Search Engine Journal

Snapchat Opens Self-Serve Ad Platform, Offers New Ad Creation Tools and Options
Advertisers purchase and can now create their Snapchat ads using a dash. You may utilize viewers, including lookalikes, Audience Match choices and Snap Lifestyle categories which use data and location-tracking to reach viewers with more relevant messaging. Lastly, the Snap Publisher tool enables advertisers to produce advertisements . Social Media Today

Twitter is Analyzing a Means to Let Users Know What Is ‘Happening Now’
Twitter module like sports, near the peak of a consumer’s timeline showcase events that are happening. It is possible to click on a card to find a timeline of tweets associated with those events. This feature is still in experimentation stage, but can be launched shortly. AdWeek

Introducing the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly: Q1 2017
These insights will appear after the end of each quarter that uses LinkedIn data to analyze what content LinkedIn members are currently participating with on the stage. Categories included in this report are leading themes, top posts, top development topics and advertising and involvement topics and posts. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

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