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WordPress is the world’s #1 open source web design and development platform. Quality WordPress web design services have become drastically more important over the last 5 years do to its rapid growth. In fact, more than 44% of all websites currently on the web are built in WordPress.
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WordPress is unique in that if offers users more comprehensive templates than any other platform. From the outside, these WordPress themes appear to be easy and 100% ready to go with a little bit of information swap. Unfortunately, we’ve have many clients come to us expressing how difficult these themes actually are to build correctly. They’re vast and complex and require a significant amount of customization time. Our theme projects also have great website speed optimization.


The beauty of WordPress is its vast expanse of custom plugins. Now a days you can find a plugin for almost any and every possible idea you can think of. However, knowing if these WordPress plugins are functional, easy to integrate, and compatible with your current theme are a whole other story. Poor plugins or poor plugin integrations can actually break your design code and leave you out to dry.


Our WordPress web design services give clients the ability to really create something beautiful and PHP development from scratch. Our UI/UX team can work directly with your graphic designers, branding team, or marketing team to create and implement the perfect custom WordPress theme for your service based company or Magento store. WordPress allows you to be seen the way you want to be seen. We can also create custom landing page designs.


Many customers we work with have a branding team or marketing team that has mocked up a theme that they would like developed into code and implemented onto a WordPress platform. Our expert team of coders here at DesignForest can take even the most complex, large scale custom designs and implement them successfully onto a WordPress based platform so that you can easily manage things moving forward. More complex projects may require using platforms such as Microsoft.net programming.

Site speed is one of the most important factors in converting your customers. Poor site speed can lead to drastic increases in Bounce Rates and also drastically decrease the overall amount of Page Views per Session for your users. Frankly, they just get frustrated with your site speed and leave. Our team can help by completing mass site compressions, lower the DNS calls and apply several other tactics to increase speed. For better page speed test results, fill out our contact form now.


WordPress gives you the most bang for your buck. By far, for the dollar, WordPress delivers breathtaking designs with a very easy to manage back end. WordPress can also be built out pretty extensively using plugins. Finally, Google loves WordPress websites in regards to crawling. They’re well laid out and easy to navigate.

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Our team of WordPress developers here at DesignForest has worked on more than 100 different WordPress web design projects. You could say we know our stuff.

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Adobe Illustrator is powerful software with a lot of uses. You can design illustrations, icons, logos, print projects, and even websites. We’ve covered some written tutorials in the past but now I want to share hot new Illustrator tutorials. Specifically free video tutorials from YouTube covering web design techniques. If you’ve ever wanted to use …

Web Design for Usability | Interaction Design Foundation

What you will learn

Usability and profitability are two sides of the same coin. Simple improvements in usability can greatly increase the probability that your e-commerce site will be a success… however the opposite is also true! It is therefore crucial that all designers consider usability early on in the design process, especially seeing as such knowledge is also applicable to wider contexts—such as improving productivity and job satisfaction in the workplace.

As Forrester Research puts it:

As you may have deduced by now, the realm of usability extends far below what you see on the surface. Despite this, what we want to see on the surface has proved to be an ongoing temptation for all too many of us as designers. Constructing an awesome site is not just about making it look awesome—particularly when you can end up with a beautifully sophisticated design that crashes moments after users sit down to interact with it. Fortunately, you can—and should—aim for a site that both looks and functions in an awesome way.

Getting to the nub of usability issues as soon as you notice them—or, better still, as soon as you notice their potential to upset your work—means saving yourself many a headache further down the development line. The old expression “forewarned is forearmed” is more than relevant in this market… and that’s why we have put everything you need into this course to help you keep your work optimized for usability.

“Web Design for Usability” is a course built on evidence-based approaches, as well as solid evidence, distilled from over 40 years of experience in the development of interactive systems. The course is taught by the founder and principal consultant of Syntagm, William Hudson, who is also a distinguished writer and teacher in the fields of user-centered design, user experience, and usability.

Gestalt Psychology and Web Design: The Ultimate Guide | Interaction Design Foundation

What you will learn

One of the key ingredients to a successful product is the creation of effective, efficient and visually pleasing displays. In order to produce such high-quality displays, whether they are graphical (e.g., websites) or tangible (e.g., remote controls), an understanding of human vision is required, along with the knowledge of visual perception. By observing, researching, and identifying examples of our perceptual abilities, we can design products according to these unifying qualities. In order to spread such skills within the world of interaction design, we have developed “Gestalt Psychology and Web Design: The Ultimate Guide.”

Gestalt psychology is a theory of mind which has been applied to a number of different aspects of human thought, action, and perception. In particular, Gestalt theorists and researchers attempt to understand visual perception in terms of the way in which underlying processes are organized and how they help us make sense of the world. The organization of these cognitive processes is important to our understanding of how we interpret the constant stream of visual information entering our eyes and how it becomes a cohesive, meaningful and usable representation of the world. Over the last twenty years, the work of Gestalt psychologists has been adopted by interaction designers and other professionals involved in the development of products for human users.

Within this course, we have compiled and consolidated some of the best resources currently available on the subject of Gestalt psychology and visual perception. To help you appreciate how you can apply Gestalt psychology to web design, we have provided many different examples from existing designs. These draw attention to the exact qualities, quirks, and features of visual perception. Moreover, they discuss how these have been accommodated and, on a number of occasions, exploited so as to support either the user’s intentions or those of the designer or client.

The application of Gestalt thinking to design provides us with insights and new ways of approaching problems and challenges. By cementing in our own minds the many ways we organize visual information, we can improve our designs for all users.

Website Design Tampa FL – DBL07 Consulting & Website Design

Here are some free tips to begin the website design process.

Lots of people give up their interest in web design after they start thinking seriously about how to design their first website. So I want to help businesses in Tampa with this short article and have a greater idea of what website design is centered on. If you’re one of several people who feels they would like try web site design Tampa for your small business, but they are somewhat overwhelmed from the subject alone.

|New web developers have to begin with studying web site design basics like color, target audience and design to enable them to create simple, effective websites. There are a bizillion resources out there that will give you a good head start.  Beginning web-site designers find their way, through 1,000 of articles on the web and youtube video tutorials to figure out how to get started. There are some basic concepts necessary for good web design.|Creating an effective website can be a huge job and your business is Tampa is too important to sacrifice cheap cookie cutter websites that aren’t custom created for your profession.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or have zero experience, it’s still extremely intimidating. There are a lot of things to take into consideration such as the color scheme, and layout. Plus, you gotta be up to date with the current trends. To style a site that may be successful, follow the following. There ought to be enough information here to get a good foothold on the knowledge you will want. |

“Your Website Design can make or break an internet site.”

You have to use techniques that add to the appeal and functionality of the site which will make visitors want to return simply because they find it easy to use and visually appealing. A terrible design will run off your customers from even taking a look at your content. You can ideas by looking at blog articles  to help you to design your site. You can check out my blog article if you are in Tampa, Hawaii or Columbia it doesn’t matter because your reach is global. Click here to read my top 10 basic, easy to understand tips about how to build an outstanding web page design techniques.|The very first thing people notice on a website may be the design. If visitors have to be kept from fleeing a poorly-designed site immediately, since first impressions take time and effort to get over, making a high quality one is important. Understanding where you should start, who you should turn to for mentoring, and what kind of budget you can expect to realistically need can actually help make your head spin.  Thankfully, you’ve come on the right place. Dbl07 Consulting has the newest, effective tips you will find on web site design.|It doesn’t matter whether you’re the first time web development company, or even the webmaster of a huge selection of websites, design continues to be most critical aspect of any website. Making certain your internet site is easy to use, great looking, and filled with excellent content results in more visitors who will probably return.

When you know the fundamentals of proper design, however, you will start to observe how easy it really is to generate a beautiful, professional site. With all the ideas and an eye for design, you will have a basic comprehension of how to design a website that is certainly both eye appealing and functional.|Your business website in Tampa will succeed or fail based on your design, the design that is put into a site will help you to determine your target audience for social media marketing. If your website is efficient and appealing, users will come back – and may purchase from you, and tell their friends! Read more about social media marketing here. An amateurish website will drive people away without reading what you have to say. Using the tips from this information will assist you to create the best design for the website. Web site design can be a beautiful work of art once the designer of your site has a solid idea of what they are doing. Effective web designs can assist you distinguish successful designs from mediocre ones. To become great designer, you have to learn. Expand the knowledge you have by applying the tips listed here.

Tip 1 Your Website Speed

Web Design Tampa Fl tampa web design - Fast Web Hosting - Tampa Web Design{Online today, speed is where it’s at! So you must ensure everything on your own site loads fast. Your website visitors are more inclined to lose interest inside your website and leave the page if they have to wait for a few minutes before the ability to access this content. Speed may be the governing factor of your Internet and is particularly fundamental to ensure your internet site loads at a fast pace. If you don’t know how fast your website loads, I can help you with a Free Website Review. I use the best developer tools that Google has to make sure you can isolate any slow loading website problems.  There is a pretty good possibility they may quickly leave and never return in case your visitors are waiting forever while something is loading on the site.


|Look at the colors on your website to make sure they match. Pick a color and font that will help your words stand above the background. Dark text colors on light backgrounds are often simpler to read in comparison to the other way around. In case you have doubts about your color scheme, run it by some people to see anything they think of it.

|Pay careful attention to which colors you opt to use together inside your web site design. The words on your web pages, in particular, must be simple and easy , clear to see in the colors you select for the backgrounds. Dark text colors on light backgrounds are generally quicker to read in comparison with the opposite. When in doubt about the effectiveness of your color choices, ask your friends to check it out and see what they think.

|Take care along with your color schemes while designing your blog. Make certain that text can be easily read against background colors. A dark color for foreground text against a mild background is usually more readable for many audiences. In the event you aren’t positive that your color scheme is successful, show it away to a friend for several feedback.

|Color combinations are key in branding your internet site. It is essential to have text that is readable on the chosen background color. It really is typically easier to see darker lettering that may be set upon light backgrounds than the reverse.

}{Be considerate in relation to your blog background. Some sites have moving GIF backgrounds, that may be efficient at times, but will help make your text challenging to read at in other cases. Decide on a background that meshes together with your site, not against it, and your viewers will have a easier time understanding what you want to say.

Tip 3 Clean Easy Navigation

|Your website should be very easy to navigate if you would like attract visitors. Links need to be prominent and simple to find. You may also boost your website’s navigation by making use of simple menus. Make it possible for easy browsing, be sure that each page contains a link returning to the home page.

|Always give your potential customers the ability to stop anything they’re doing. An action can involve completing forms, registering for email notifications or newsletters, or browsing the web page for many different topics or archives. When you don’t allow them the option for cancelling things these are during completing, you might deter people from returning to your website.

|Your potential customers should certainly watch your content regardless of the browser they are using. Test your pages with some other browsers to ensure it is displayed properly. Though your site may display perfectly on the internet Explorer, this doesn’t signify it would look the identical on Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Check how each page displays from the major browsers before your web site goes live.

Tip 4 No Pop Ups!

|Avoid the application of pop-up advertising. Many people are bothered whenever they go to a site and therefore are suddenly bombarded by pop-ups. This often causes customers to leave an internet site, meaning they never take the time to familiarize yourself with your product or service. Just avoid these irritating ads, which means that your users is going to be happy. Some website hosting services expect you to use pop-up ads you ought to view such policies as strong arguments against using this type of service.

|Don’t have pop-ups. There is nothing worse than visiting a site and being attacked by pop-up ads or newsletter sign-up boxes. This often causes people to leave a web site, meaning they never spend some time to get to know your products or services. There are thousands and thousands of businesses in Tampa and you can’t afford to annoy your clients with these pesky ads from your site.

Tip 5 Create a Newsletter Email Marketing Campaign

|If you want repeat visitors, Utilize newsletters. Let your prospects subscribe to important updates and events to make sure they go back to your blog. Position the sign-up box on top of your website to enable them to locate it, and check just how many sign up once you move it around your page. Continue to the ethical path and only send newsletters to users who request them. I like to use Mailchimp.com because they are awesome, and my favorite word FREE! (until you get 2000 users, they you should be paying them for their services.)  

Giving your clients the opportunity receive promotions and updates. Alternatively, other news within their inboxes can get them to return. Your website’s sidebar is an ideal location for the signup form, and you should be certain to remain in addition to who may have registered. Avoid trouble by only sending the newsletter to those who have enrolled because of it.

Last Tip is Keep it Fresh

|Always delete any outdated content that is on your own website. If the promotional offer on your page expired months ago, you may lose the attention and credibility of your respective readers. Users desire to spend their time on sites that happen to be cared for, and leaving up old information shows too little attention to the site. Set an overview schedule to update content and take off items which are no longer useful.

I hope these tips have been helpful and if you’re ready to get started give us a call 803-479-7699 or email to see how we can help your business in Tampa stand out above the competition.

Last Bonus Tip – Make sure you have your Schema info on your site!

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Ecommerce Website Builder | Build Ecommerce Store

Self Hosted Plan allows you to add unlimited products, Categories, Attributes for your Online Store. You can get the Best Solution that can help to organize your Products, sell them and Receive Payments with Few Clicks.

Yes you can use your Own Domain Name for setting up your Ecommerce Store. Ecommerce website builder allows you to Integrate with your own Domain Name of choice with Domain Name Service Provider. All you have to do is Point your Domain Names to E-commerce Servers.

If you have opted for SH-starter plan you do not have option to sell the Products to the Customers around the World. To sell you Products to the Customers around you have to upgrade either to SH plus or SH Pro where we can help you to an international a payment gateway.

Yes you can Cancel your SH Plans Subscription at anytime you Want. To Cancel your Subscription go to your Control Panel and Click Cancel Subscription Button or Simply Contact our Support Team who will Assist you throughout Process.

After purchasing your Plan, You will be mailed with Complete Configuration Information like Username, Password, Admin Panel links, and Payment Information and Many More. If you are still unsure how to Access Admin Panel you can always Contact our award winning Support team who will guide you throughout the Process.

Yes you can manage your Store Easily Through your Mobile or Tablet as your Stores are 100% Responsive using bootstap and will Become Compact to your Device Screen Size. You can Easily Manage your Store on the go.