Elegant and Minimalist Web Design Ideas

Elegant and Minimalist Web Design Suggestions

Vedad SiljakMunich  includes plenty of really nice explorations on his Dribbble profile. They all have that timeless editorial appearance with excellent contrast in typography, outstanding use of white space and vision. Most of them appear to be just visual style explorations however they give me great references to test on Abduzeedo. If you take a close look at the website now we’re attempting to make it even more editorial and easier. There’s a new layout coming soon that’s a progress of the present one. Our struggles are still, the degradation of data and especially the vision. Although we control this, we attempt to diversify with the same style of vision. Anyways, this article is about Vedad’s work and that I hope you receive some excellent references to enhance your web design skills.

Vedad SiljakMunich is a fulltime freelance graphic and UX designer based in Munich. He’s fascinated by the skate and surf culture, which we could observe a little bit about the jobs we discussed below. For more information Be Sure to check his profile out at:

Web design

UI/UX IZI Travel

Now I wanted to discuss another wonderful User Interface job, this one is accomplished by Russian designer Andrey Pi. This job is a website for IZI Travel and has so many cool design features. Check it out! For more from Andrey Pi visit behance.net/andrey_pi.

Mazda USA – UI Design

Website for cars used to be bad, well some are still fairly average, however there are some manufacturers stepping up their web design game and creating genuinely beautiful experiences. Mixing motion, stunning vision Mazda USA is a terrific example of this mix.

Folks like to redesign Facebook. And you, Just Like or Dislike?

This week I saw a post about a new Facebook Concept and the way individuals, mainly those related to the web field, would really like to find a new look and feel for your Social Network. Then I decided to incorporate another Facebook redesign theories I’ve seen out there.

Make your dream of a beautiful web design into reality with Squarespace

Have you ever put out on the daunting job of producing a personal web site to market your business or internet store, portfolio, passion undertaking, etc…but haven’t been able to quite discover the motivation or time to do so, especially the undertaking of owning a great web design? We here at Abduzeedo have become big supporters of Squarespace for its ability to deliver available, beautiful website design for anybody looking to tackle their fantasies and make a mark.