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WordPress is the world’s #1 open source web design and development platform. Quality WordPress web design services have become drastically more important over the last 5 years do to its rapid growth. In fact, more than 44% of all websites currently on the web are built in WordPress.
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WordPress is unique in that if offers users more comprehensive templates than any other platform. From the outside, these WordPress themes appear to be easy and 100% ready to go with a little bit of information swap. Unfortunately, we’ve have many clients come to us expressing how difficult these themes actually are to build correctly. They’re vast and complex and require a significant amount of customization time. Our theme projects also have great website speed optimization.


The beauty of WordPress is its vast expanse of custom plugins. Now a days you can find a plugin for almost any and every possible idea you can think of. However, knowing if these WordPress plugins are functional, easy to integrate, and compatible with your current theme are a whole other story. Poor plugins or poor plugin integrations can actually break your design code and leave you out to dry.


Our WordPress web design services give clients the ability to really create something beautiful and PHP development from scratch. Our UI/UX team can work directly with your graphic designers, branding team, or marketing team to create and implement the perfect custom WordPress theme for your service based company or Magento store. WordPress allows you to be seen the way you want to be seen. We can also create custom landing page designs.


Many customers we work with have a branding team or marketing team that has mocked up a theme that they would like developed into code and implemented onto a WordPress platform. Our expert team of coders here at DesignForest can take even the most complex, large scale custom designs and implement them successfully onto a WordPress based platform so that you can easily manage things moving forward. More complex projects may require using platforms such as Microsoft.net programming.

Site speed is one of the most important factors in converting your customers. Poor site speed can lead to drastic increases in Bounce Rates and also drastically decrease the overall amount of Page Views per Session for your users. Frankly, they just get frustrated with your site speed and leave. Our team can help by completing mass site compressions, lower the DNS calls and apply several other tactics to increase speed. For better page speed test results, fill out our contact form now.


WordPress gives you the most bang for your buck. By far, for the dollar, WordPress delivers breathtaking designs with a very easy to manage back end. WordPress can also be built out pretty extensively using plugins. Finally, Google loves WordPress websites in regards to crawling. They’re well laid out and easy to navigate.

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Our team of WordPress developers here at DesignForest has worked on more than 100 different WordPress web design projects. You could say we know our stuff.

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